A History of Premium healthy snacks from the Pacific Northwest

In 1987 the Walker family set out to not only create great tasting snacks but also snacks of high nutritional value to meet the demands of consumers’ ever-increasing active lifestyles. With an eye for global sourcing, careful selection of premium ingredients, and by adhering to small-batch production, it wasn’t long before our Pacific Northwest cottage industry grew steadily to delivering premium dried fruits, nuts, trail mixes, candies to customers across the nation. 


Nature’s World


Originally created as an upscale trail mix brand using only the freshest ingredients, Northwest Delights is a premier snack brand rooted in the Pacific Northwest. It has since expanded to include confections, seeds, nuts, dried fruits and more. Not all nuts are created equal, Northwest Delights sources high-quality, superior components for their mixes, the difference can be seen throughout all their products.

Nature’s World


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Nature’s World


As Northwest Delights continued to grow, we expanded our offerings to include an array of tropical selections, under the Diamond Head Delights brand. This brand was developed as a private label program for the islands, it is now a mainland favorite and top seller. Some of those products include dried mango, banana chips, dried ginger and more.

Nourishing the nation’s growing appetite for healthy, exceptional snacks.

Nature’s World

More than 30 years later, Nature’s World continues to use the highest-quality ingredients for our best-known products under our Northwest Delights and Hawaii’s Diamond Head Delights banners. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity in sourcing, and we have fostered deep-rooted relationships with like-minded farmers and producers. 

We strive for excellence, from the versatile service and innovation we provide, to our small-batch processes and freshness of our ingredients, to our hundreds of great-tasting, handcrafted, all natural, Non-GMO or organic snacks that people love (without the trans-fats, fractionated & hydrogenated oils and many additives that don’t!). While premium, functional snacks come second-nature to us, our sweet tooth enables us to have a little fun with candy. 

In 2021, our company joined forces with a perfectly aligned partner, Seattle-based Charlie’s Produce, ensuring scalability in fulfillment and logistics as Nature’s World nourishes the nation’s growing appetite for healthy snacks. 


We strive for excellence, from the versatile service and innovation we provide, to our small-batch processes and freshness of our ingredients that people love.


From its beginnings in 1987, Nature’s World evolved because of its ability to give its customers exactly what they wanted, in the packaging, product mixes and volumes they needed.