Chocolate Dunked Salted Honey Nut Bars

Recipe by: half-baked harvest

Tried & Changes by: Susan M.

Looking for a delicious, unique snack to take with you on a hike?! Or any occasion really. These Chocolate Dunked Salted Honey Nut Bars would be a GREAT snack!

I mean, who doesn't love chocolate?! Honey?! Nuts?! Yum!

Come on, look at how tasty and delicious these look?! Let me tell you, they WERE!

Susan made a few changes to the recipe and used roasted almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, and dried cranberries.

All of those can be purchased here at our online store!

Link to the original recipe & directions: Chocolate Dunked Salted Honey Nut Bars

Let us know what you think once you've tried them!

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